Double Chin Reduction & Removal

Double Chin is yet another look-spoiler on your face which can destroy your image of being “beautiful”. Not necessarily in fat men or women, sometimes the symptom is observed in slim people as well. Persona Delhi cosmetic surgery clinic provides various treatments and tips to get rid of it soon.

Causes of Double Chin

  • Fat cells accumulation in the body/ face.
  • Medication/ Medicine side-effects
  • Ageing

How to Get Rid of Double Chin?

Other Methods – Medication & Injections: For minor double chins, we prefer to cure via medication and injections sessions. Completely non-invasive in nature, the injections are result-driven method for reduction of the second-chin.

Cost – With face rejuvenation and skin toning, the treatment is still cost-effective when it comes to your face and smile.