Facial Fat Injection (Fat Transfer)

People start losing their fats mainly of face and hands after a certain age. To overcome this problem the treatment of fat grafting or you can say fat injection got started. Fat grafting means removal of extra or unwanted fats from one part of a body and re-implementing the same to enhance the patient’s lean body parts. There may be loss of fat due to trauma, infection etc.

When to Plan Fat Transfer

The fat cells are removed using a small cannula, are then carefully prepared by centrifugation and are injected using a small needle into an area of wrinkling or hollowness. Because these cells are your own, they will not be rejected. Although some restoration is possible, fat grafts last longer than most filler and produce beautiful results.

Fat Injection Process

Fat cells can be harvested from your own body and injected as filler to smooth wrinkles and other problem areas. Known as autologous fat transplantation or mico-lipo injection, fat cells are removed from the abdomen, thighs or buttocks and transferred to problem areas of the face.

Fat Transfer Procedure

The fat grafting procedure is performed with local anesthesia and takes from 30 minutes to two hours to perform. Recovery time is rapid with most people able to return to work on the day following the procedure. Results are visible immediately.
The Facial Fat Injection surgery recovery time period after fat grafting is of about 2-3 weeks and there may be a little bit of swelling during that period. It has been found that the treatment of fat transfer survives for a long period of time and better results can be seen after 1-2 years.