Circumcision on men and boys is especially known from the Jewish tradition of the Brit milah. But also in the western cultures, people may choose for a circumcision, either for medical, aesthetic or sexual reasons:

Circumcision is the standard procedure in case of Phimosis

Foreskin narrowing, in this condition the patient is unable to move the foreskin over the penis’ tip. This condition is called Phimosis and may be congenital or due to repeated infections in the area. A simple incision performed by the doctor can help the patient and foreskin could be successfully widened.


The foreskin is drawn behind the tip and can’t be moved back over the tip of the penis. Paraphimosis is caused by repeated inflammation of the foreskin. Here also, apart from circumcision, a simple incision is often a possibility.


Repeated inflammation of the tip of the penis and the foreskin

Esthetic / Sexual Reasons Enhanced appearance

Some men, but also women, find a circumcised penis more attractive. For gentlemen who choose for a circumcision on this aesthetic principal ground, often hygienic and sexual reasons play also their part.


A circumcised penis produces hardly any smegma and therefore is easier to keep clean

Sexual experience

Although studies claim that a short foreskin have no influence on the sexual experience, most men say that the tip of the penis became considerable less sensible. This can have advantages in the sex life.

Early ejaculations

A circumcision offers no guarantee, but a less sensible tip of the penis sometimes helps solve this problem.

A too long foreskin

A too long foreskin can lead to reduced stimulation of the tip of the penis during sexual intercourse. The circumcision mostly is performed under local anaesthesia, but it’s also possible under intravenous sedation. During the operation the foreskin is shortened and the tip of the penis is exposed partly or even entirely. A circumcision takes about half an hour. The most sensible part of skin immediately behind the tip of the penis is not removed, as it plays a very important part in erogenic sensation.

Advice & Treatments

We advise you to wear supporting pants (no shorts) with the penis upwards, in the direction of the navel, to allow the swelling to subside as quickly as possible.
For pain you can take paracetamol or bring on a sedating lidocaine cream or ointment. After a few weeks the epidermis will have formed a protective layer on the tip of the penis and the unpleasantly sensitive feeling disappears.