Effective Treatment Options for Pigmentation Problems Widened Capillaries, Spider veins & Brown Spots

Widened capillaries, spider veins and brown spots are unaesthetic facial blemishes. Fortunately, modern medical techniques offer the solution.The Persona Clinic works with the best quality system. This also means that we always work with the most modern and most efficient medical lasers.
The new KTP laser is ideal for the treatment of red discoloration (small blood vessels) and brown discoloration (pigment). It is a fast and effective method to treat unflattering couperose, fine red vains, aging spots, red dots and brown spots without damaging the tissue around it.
Most vains or discolorations disappear or fade away forever after just one treatment. Sometimes it will require several treatments.
Genetics, extreme temperatures or climatic change, sun exposure and even vitamin shortage can lead to widening of the small blood vessels on cheeks and nose. Withmodern laser or radio-surgical equipment, the burst vessels can be effectively sealed in one or several sessions, depending on the severity of the condition. You will have to be prepared for a few days of swelling and light scabbing, which can be adequately dealt with by cosmetic camouflage. Both after care and prevention center around the daily use of a special skin crame that suppresses the tendency to develop further lesions.

Spider Veins

Micro-sclerosis remains the treatment of choice for these small-widened blood vessels, superficially on the lower limbs.

Brown Spots

Sun exposure, aging and genetics all contribute to the presence of superficial brown spots. They can be removed by laser, radio-surgery or chemical peeling. After treatment, a small scab will develop, which will drop off within 2 weeks. The small pink spot that is left initially needs to be guarded against sun exposure until it has resumed the normal skin color, usually within 6-12 weeks.
When you suffer from widespread superficial blemishes, you may benefit most from a Tel Aviv Mask. Apart from long-term efficacy, it will also dramatically rejuvenate aged skin.