Why to go for Hair transplant ?

  1. Transplanted hair has the same color as normal hair
  2. Transplanted hair feels and look natural as normal hairs
  3. Transplanted hair grows and keep growing like natural hair
  4. There is no maintainance of transplanted hair
  5. Transplanted hair can be colored, dyed and rebounded as natural hair
  6. Transplanted hair are nearly  permanent.
  7. It is a one day procedure you come in morning and by evening you can go back home
  8. You can take bath normally from next day and head bath from 4th day.
  9. There are no bandages in the procedure
  10. The procedure is a team effort and trained personnel and magnification is very important for giving good result.
  11. In our clinic we are using microscope for dissection and have a team of trained person to do the same.
  12. Our clinic provides the ultramodern technique in hair transplant.
  13. Dr. S.S.Gambhir is a board certified plastic surgeon who has special interest in hair transplant. He has been in the field for last 10 years.
  14. He is actively participating and attending conference and workshop of hair transplant both nationally and internationally.