Beauty Salon

Every one seeks beauty. People are always in search of ways to improve themselves or get a fresh-new-look. Drop in to our centre Persona and feel pampered by our expert beauticians, and stylists. Shape your eyebrows or style your tresses. Persona offers unique treatments and beauty services that go beyond basics and beauty. Ours is a beauty salon with modern technologies. We offer various surgical, medical and cosmetic procedures in combination with traditional therapies. Our staff members include both health care practitioners and beauty therapists, which work together to provide you a memorable experience. At Persona you will get personal attention from our staff along with elegant and serene ambience so that you may experience complete tranquillity and relaxation.

Hair Salon

Hair salon offer services for haircut, hair trimming, styling, highlights, foil, weaving. Hair scalp treatment include hair colour, henna application and other ancient treatments done using modern technology.

Nails Care

Pedicure services, manicure, nail polish application, nail sculpting, and nail repair service, hand conditioning service.

Skin Care

Skin care treatment range includes body scrub service, body wrapping, derma abrasion, herbal wrapping, skin lightening, anti-ageing facials, blemish and stretch marks removal treatments, make-up and general skin care services.


We offer anti acne treatments, bleaching treatments, polishing. We are amongst some of the best salons offering bridal make-up.


An extensive range hair and beauty products, herbal products and cosmetics from top brands including daily use deep treatment conditioners, hair styling gel, and daily shampoos.