Professional Airbrush Makeup Services by Persona Clinic Delhi NCR 

Airbrushing Makeup – A technique exploited by Persona and specialists through which makeup is applied without actually touching the face with brushes or so. Simply sprinkling the product through powered compressor at the areas requisite and your makeup is done. Try Persona Airbrushing Make Up now in Delhi/ NCR!

Using the smart technique is not everybody’s cup of tea. Specialists at Persona Clinic are practiced and fully trained for using and applying the ultramodern makeup technique.

What’s So Special About Airbrushing Makeup? 

Airbrushing Makeup is Skin-friendly

Airbrushing makeup, undoubtedly, does not comprise of any type of brush – soft or hard. It has nothing to do with touching your skin and thus, your skin is absolutely safe with Airbrushing Makeup.

Airbrushing Makeup Lasts Long

Unlike regular makeup, Airbrushing Makeup lasts long on the face and body. It’s due to fact that it doesn’t comprise powder stuff. It’s merely few drops of liquid which can complete your makeup.

Airbrushing Makeup is Irritation-Free

As mentioned, the product comprises only liquid component, the product does not cause any irritation to the skin.

Get Your First Airbrushing Makeup at Persona Clinic

We hireproficient and veteran makeup artists, boasting bounteous practice of the products. Get ready for party, night-outs and wedding ceremony with our exclusive, allergy-proof Airbrushing. No makeup is easier or prompter than this.

Why Persona Clinic for Airbrushing Makeup?

We have experienced Dermatologists at our clinic to recognize your skin type and texture and suggest makeup for you. Moreover, our makeup artists are expert enough to understand the shades most suitable with your tone.