Hair Rebonding

Hair straightening technique gives hair a streamlined and smooth appearance. In this technique hair are straightened and flattened by using either of three various products available, which include hot combs, hot irons, chemical relaxers, Brazilian hair straightening or Japanese hair straightening. One can use special shampoos, conditioners or hair gels to achieve temporary hair straightening. The process is commonly known as “Rebonding” across Southeast Asia including Malaysia and Philippines. Use of hot combs and hair irons temporarily alter the hair texture, chemical relaxers and some other techniques, on the other hand may modify the hair structure permanently. Although, theoretically new hair growth should remain unaffected, the drug interferon alpha affects the hair follicles and causes permanent change in the hair texture of a person.

What is Rebonding?
Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that makes your hair straight, sleek and shiny. It is a permanent procedure. Every hair structure is unique and has intrinsic natural bond that gives the person distinct physical quality of the hair such as curly, wavy etc. The rebonding treatment includes the use of relaxant or cream softener that breaks this natural structure. A neutraliser is then used that bonds the hair structure again and makes the hair appear straight. In other words rebonding alters the natural structure of hair by restructuring it. After the complete straightening of the hair through the length, one has to regularly touch up the newer growth after three months or more as per the growth of an individual’s hair.
The Process of Rebonding
Duration of Rebonding treatment depends upon the hair length, thickness and type. Longer hair till mid back may take up to 8 hours or more for complete procedure of rebonding. Shorter hair on men may take up to three hours. Following steps are followed while rebonding.

  1. Wash hair using a mild shampoo but conditioner is not applied. Blow-dry the hair completely with medium heat setting.
  2. Separate the hair in various smaller sections. Apply the hair relaxant or cream softener evenly on every hair shaft. Hair is kept straight during this step using a thin plastic board.
  3. Wait for least half an hour with the hair coated with cream softener or hair relaxant. Steam the hair after wards for 10 to 40 minutes. Decide the duration of steaming depending upon the hair type and condition of original hair. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Blow-dry the hair and apply keratin lotion.
  5. Straighten the hair further and break the remaining curls if any using a flat iron. Take care iron heat should not be above 180 degrees. Ceramic irons are better than the metal ones. The rebonding service at a salon will have professionals look at your hair and iron them until they are suitably straight and shiny.
  6. Following this the hair are parted again in various sections for the even application of a neutraliser. The neutraliser sets the bonds well as stabilises the hair.
  7. Allow 30 minutes at least for the neutraliser to work.
  8. Use cold water to rinse off the neutraliser. Blow-dry the hair and apply hair serum. Iron the hair to give finishing touch. Hair now appears straight, shiny and silky.
Precautions to be taken after rebonding
  1. Hair should not be washed for three days at least allowing the treatment to set in.
  2. Leave your hair open, do not put clips in your hair,   hair band or any hair accessory for at least three days.
  3. Do not forget to wear a shower cap to prevent hair from getting wet while bathing.
How to take care of rebonded hair
Re-bonded hair need special care for maintaining healthy hair. Well cared for hair look beautiful and stay beautiful. Follow these simple instructions to pamper your mane and prevent hair loss.

  • Use a shampoo for straight hair
  • Use a conditioner every time you wash your hair
  • Apply a hair serum after towel drying hair
  • Oil your hair regularly
  • Use natural hair masks once a week before washing your hair. You can use aloe vera gel, curd or olive oil with an egg.
  • Oil and steam your hair every fifteen days. You can wrap a towel dipped in warm water, around your hair. This will deep condition your hair.
  • Consume a balanced diet. Include nuts and sprouts in your diet.

Well cared hair are smooth and do not look frizzy.  Rebonded hair often become dry if not given special attention. Thus ensure that treated hairs are hydrated to maintain fullness.