Persona Dental Clinic Delhi, India is a specialized dental health provider which has an executive structure similar to that of a “dental hospital” with a holistic approach to treatment standardization in all areas of dental work.

We draw upon the talents of qualified dental specialists to offer patient oriented treatment at PERSONA DENTAL CLINIC DELHI, INDIA

Our cosmetic dentist team of highly motivated dentists have achieved undergraduate, post-graduate in specialized fields from prominent  and universities where they also lecture and train dental students.

Our friendly and service minds are comfortable bright setting endeavours to make your visit with us a wonderful and pleasant one. Come in and relax before your appointment for a few minutes and than get yourself a same day appointment.

Working under same roof as a saloon and plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic wee try and help you out with most of your aesthetic problems.

Each case is analysed accurately with the help of neatly maintained records. These archives are also used for recording existing malocclusion to refer in future if required.

Treatment Planning

During this visit the orthodontist discusses the treatment plans with reference to the information made available during earlier consultations and records. Following this, arrangements or preparations are made for the treatment to begin. If the treatment is not to be done soon, the time is utilised for reviewing the condition of the patient periodically, until the treatment begins.

Extractions and other preliminary procedures

Sometimes teeth alignment may involve teeth removal to create sufficient space. All decayed teeth are filled and sometimes cleaned prior to orthodontic treatment is started. Family dentist carries out the preliminary routine procedures. Orthodontic fee does not include the cost of these preliminary procedures.


The best method of moving or aligning teeth with precision is Braces.

Braces including brackets, bands and wire are available in stainless steel. However one may opt for clear brackets, usually available at extra cost.

It takes at least two visits to the orthodontist for fitting of the braces. Teeth are kept in braces throughout the treatment time.

Patient is called every 4-8 week for adjustment, change of wire, robber band, headgear etc.

The treatment process in some patients may include wearing of some items along with the braces. These items, including headgears and/or rubber bands, offer required extra strength to correct the bite.

How Long?

Most orthodontic treatment procedures take a time of 18-24 months. However, some of the cases may be finished in far lesser time but still others may require longer periods. One has to consider various factors before predicting the treatment time involved in a procedure. These factors include type of the treatment, severity of the malocclusion and cooperation by the patient during the treatment.

Dental check-ups

patients undergoing orthodontic procedures should regularly meet their family dentist for routine check-ups.


As the active part of the orthodontic procedure approaches its end, retaining appliances or retainers are fitted after removing the braces. The retainers keep the teeth steady at their new position and may be in the form of removable plates or wires that can be fitted behind the teeth. Retainers are an important part of orthodontic treatment but if these are not worn as per the instructions, the teeth may go back to their earlier position.
The retaining appliances are usually worn:

  • Full-time for up to one year
  • Just at night for a further year
  • Phased out altogether over one more year

The corrected teeth are observed periodically for up to five years after the retainers have been phased out. During retention and the subsequent observation period, patients are expected to attend once or twice a year.