Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgery done.the nose is the central part of the face and good nose define the facial feature of the person. The shape of the nose is different for the different race. The nose for Europians, Caucasians, Asian, Nigerian is different. The surgery for rhinoplasty is done keeping in mind the race characteristic.Nose surgery the surgery is being done for two reason one is functional in which only septoplasty is done. The other is for cosmetic purpose where both septoplasty and rhinoplasty is done.

Septoplasty it is the correction of deviated septum done for difficulty in breathing and recurrent sinusitis.the septum is a partition which divide the nose into two half. It is cartilaginous and bony both. Deiviation can be only cartilaginous or more severe combined with bone. For complete correction both of them needs to be corrected.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Tip correction- the tip of the nose is most important structure. The tip can be broad, bulbous, bifid , drooping. This all needs to be corrected.the tip height need to be maintained for there is ratio of height to length of the nose which needs to be achieved in correction.



Dorsum of nose

Dorsum of nose the dorsum of nose may have varying problem of broad dorsum, dorsum hump, depressed dorsum(saddle nose) and crooked dorsum.The above are the common problem for which the patient comes to us . the patient is first assed and then the plan is made to correct the problem.The photographs of common problem is given below.


Broad dorsum

The dorsum of the nose can be broad both at the alar area or at the nasal bone area. The treatment is to bring the nasal bone together and also if alar flaring is there then alar reduction procedure can be combined.


Depressed dorsum

This requires augmentation of the dorsum. This depression may be due to congenital, post traumatic , post surgery etc. The augmentation will be done with autogenous tissue or by alloplastic implant. Autogenous tissue are cartilageous, bone or fascia. These are the first choice.


Nasal Septal correction

Crooked deviation of septum is very difficult to correct. The procedure that we follow is very radical we take out the septum and then remould it and then put it back. The other procedure that we follow is PDS splint we use to make the septum absolutely straight.the results are very good.




he surgery is performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the procedure and patient requirement.

Post surgery protocol

  • The patient is discharged same day.
  • The patient can have normal diet and antibiotics are given for 5 days
  • There is small dressing on the nose if bone work is not done.
  • There is nasal packing which is removed in 48 hrs.
  • The nasal splint is removed on 6th day.
  • There is swelling over the nose and results are apparent only after 5-6 weeks.
  • Patient can resume is normal activities after 3 -7 days depending on the procedure.