Neck Lift Surgery Delhi

Aging signs differ from person to person and in different parts of neck and face. Some show wrinkles and sun damage in full face, while others loose fat from the face. Still others would develop fat deposits in neck but have a perfect skin tone. For some the neck area is worst affected by aging signs. Neck rejuvenation cosmetic surgery when done in combination with other rejuvenating surgeries gives marvelous outcome.

Who is a candidate for neck rejuvenation?

An ideal candidate for the neck rejuvenation procedure would have good skin quality, skin elasticity and with realistic expectations. Patient should also be in proper health condition before any cosmetic surgery. Patients having a fat pad below the skin just above the neck muscles show excellent results after the procedure.

What conditions can be corrected with what procedures?

Laser technique is used to tighten the loose sagging skin under the chin. Heavily excessive skin may be removed using excisional surgery. Neck muscles are tightened near the midline to treat visible vertical bands on the neck.Fat deposits in the neck can be removed with liposuction or direct excision.

Your Consultation: During initial consultations, you and your doctor should discuss in details about your cosmetic goals. The doctor would also explain all possible consequences of the cosmetic procedure. You may also seek advice so as to which procedure or procedure combination would suit you the best as per your cosmetic goals. Photographs of the patients with similar condition as yours, showing their before and after treatment condition, may be shared with you. The doctor will also explain the course of treatment you may expect. Photographing the neck region before treatment and after treatment,  is important for documenting the results.

The Procedures

Neck rejuvenation procedures are usually carried out under general anesthesia in surgical suite as an outpatient procedure. The procedure is generally combined with other cosmetic procedure for maximum benefit.

Lasers can be of help only when the skin is not very loose. Neck liposuction includes suction of fat through small straw like cannulas. For this, tiny incisions are made under the chin and behind the ears.

If the patient does not have excessive skin at the neck region endoscopic surgery may be carried out for tightening up of the neck muscles. A small incision is placed under the chin for this surgery.

Clients with excess skin are suggested neck lift procedure. The procedure includes pulling up and back of the neck skin along with the removal of excess skin. Neck lift procedures give a better neckline and jawline with incisions completely hidden behind the ears.

What is the process like after neck rejuvenation?

The extent of localized bruising and swelling would depend upon the type of the procedure carried out. Swelling and bruising are healed within four to ten days. A bandage is usually kept underneath the chin. Also neck and head are swathed in an elastic bandage after the surgery. The bandage may be removed the following morning. However, patients are advised to continue wearing the elastic during night at least for two weeks.

Within a week or ten days removable sutures are removed. The healing may take several months after the procedure, treated area and skin will recover its soft suppleness slowly over the period.

Neck rejuvenation procedures offer youthful and sculpted look by pulling back and tightening the neck skin. Most patients resume their active schedule with no time; many are ready to go out the very next day after the procedure.

Neck Lift Surgery Delhi Before After Photo