Persona Faces for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

The days to get depressed or embarrassed due to your any of the body part or spot are gone because Persona has brought plastic surgery in your city, Delhi. Plastic surgery is a way to beautify your various body parts by changing its outlook and it has become a very common term and treatment all over the world. In Delhi people are going for plastic surgery of various body parts especially for face, nose, lips, breast, hands and legs.

Most Popular  Cosmetic Surgeries

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is usually performed for breast cancer patients who have had a mastectomy.In addition, there are patients who require breast reconstruction for other reasons such as for Poland’s Syndrome,other breast asymmetries, and for deformities secondary to previous breast implant complications. Patients who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer should seek consultation with a plastic surgeon in conjunction with their general breast surgeon.

Hand Surgery

Hands are very precious and important part of human body. There are many types of hand surgery for palm to upper hand as per the need or demand. The main reasons behind hand surgery are to cure any type of injury, fracture, broken nerves, to repair blood vessels or to hide any spot or scar. There are many people who go for hand surgery just to enhance the beauty of their hands.

Face Contouring

Face contouring means giving a new shape to the face as per the client’s desire in a short period of time and at a lower price that surgery. Face contouring restores your face volume and looks in a natural way. It also uplifts the inward portions of your face which beautifies your face appearance.

Re – Constructive Micro Surgery

Re-Constructive Micro Surgery means surgery, grafting or repairing done on tiny body parts like of blood vessels and nerves by using a microscope. In re-constructive micro surgery process, surgeons take bone, muscle and skin from one part of the body to cure the problem of another body part. This surgery is mainly to cure for cancer and trauma ( accidents).

Facial Fractures

Face is a delicate part of body and any type of face injury can lead to serious consequences like blindness, losing jaws or any other serious damage to face bones, cells and nerves. Facial Fractures means broken or injured bone of face. We are doing reduction (alignment) all the fracture of the face and also orthognathic surgery like chin reduction or augmentation. While taking treatment of face injuries patients do get a scar or spot on their face. To get rid of that scar or spot due to face fracture you can go for plastic surgery.