Sex Change Surgery or Gender Reassignment surgery

There are certain patients born with the thought that they are of opposite sex but have the physical feature of the sex which they don’t want. It is like they are entrapped in the body of opposite sex. These patients require sex change operations, this is also called gender reassignment surgery. These surgical procedures are performed in patient who have under thorough evaluation by
psychiatrist and psychologist and who have been living with clothes worn of opposite sex.
Once the psychiatrist gives affirmation that the patient is clear cut case of gender identity disorder we perform the sex change operation There can be Male to Female or Female to Male assignment. This is a staged operation in both the cases.

Female to Male Sex Change operation

Stage 1
Mastectomy or Breast Removal Surgery.

: In this the Female breast is removed and and nipple reposition done. The procedure is done by doing liposuction in axillary areas and excision of breast subcutaneously. The procedure takes about 2 hrs.

Anaesthesia: it is done under General Anaesthesia

Recovery Time: it is a day Care procedure and patient is discharged the same day and advise to rest at home for 5 – 6 days before resuming normal activity.

Stage 2
Stage 1 and 2 can be combined
Removal of Uterus and ovaries The procedure is done laparoscopically .
In this procedure the vagina is closed and the urethera is advanced anteriorly so that in next stage penile reconstruction it becomes easier.

Stage 3
This involves reconstruction of Penis by use of free tissue transfer either by Forearm or from thigh or the back. In this procedure the urethra is connected and the sensory nerves also buried at the base or connected to the sensory nerves of the flap. Procedure takes about 7 hrs and is done under General anaesthesia Recovery time: it is 7 to 10 days

Stage 4
In this The testes can be placed in the preserved labia majora to give the appearance of scrotum. And also the implant is placed in the reconstructed Penis. It can be static silicon or dynamic three part implant.

Time: the procedure time is 1-2 hrs

Recovery: The recovery is within 3 to 5 days.

Male to Female Sex Change Operation

In this the male feels that he is female and entrapped in the male body. After thorough evaluation by psychiatrist and endocrinologist and after clearance we take the patient for Sex Change operation. It is a Staged procedure

Stage 1:
Breast Augmentation: In this Breast Implant is Placed under the Muscle in chest to give the appearance of breast. It is 1 hr procedure and immediately the results are visible.Sometimes we can just do fat grafting for the breast augmentation.

Stage 2
Penile Removal and reconstruction of NeoVagina. In this procedure the penis is removed and the penile skin is used to reconstruct he Neo vagina.
The glans which is sexually sensate organ is reduced in size and placed just above the urinal opening as the clitoris. It is sensate organ and patient can reach orgasm due to this. The depth of vagina is adequate and now we don’t need colon for vagina. It is normally deep enough for all sexual purpose.The procedure require about 2 hrs.

Recovery time: it takes 5 to 7 days. Patient can start having sexual activity after about 2 to 3 weeks

Supplemental procedures are
Laser Hair removal. Hair implantation for hair line designing to achieve femine look and jaw correction and cheek augmentation Dimple creation and voice change.,Buttock augmentation