Brachyplasty – Arm Lift Surgery New Delhi

Arm lift or Brachioplasty is the procedure done for loose skin and fatty deposit in the arm. The procedure is done for patients who are obese and have reduced their weight through exercise or by bariatric surgery or the patient who are aging. The loose flabby skin in the arm is called “bat wing”.

Arm Lift Surgery Procedure

It is to take out the extra flabby skin and fat from the upper arm by excising the tissue by an elliptical incision. The incision is placed in the medial side of the arm and in axillae. In extended brachioplasty the incision is extended to the lateral part of the chest.

Candidates of Brachioplasty

Patients who have loose skin in the arm will be assessed by Dr. S.S.Gambhir and evaluated and Dr. Gambhir will decide about the procedure. The contraindication is Hidradenitis Suppuritica and patient after radical mastectomy.


The scars are placed on the medial side of the arm and axilla. Following surgery they are slightly reddish brown and elevated but will settle down after 1 year.


We prefer doing the procedure in general anesthesia and the procedure time is about 2 hrs.

Hospital Stay

This is normally a day care procedure but some patients prefer staying overnight.

Post surgery

After 48 hours you are advised to wear the pressure garment for 3-4 weeks.The exercise can be started after 4 weeks.


Although every care is taken to avoid any complication but risk involved is infection, bleeding, seroma and marginal necrosis of the wound. Swelling and bruising are temporary side effect. There is temporary numbness of the medial side of the arm for 4 to 5 months.

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