Breast Augmentation

Breast is the sign of feminity and female always want an adequate size of breast.
There are two procedure that can be done to enhance the breast

  1. One Fat Grafting and other is by Implant
  2. Implant- these are silicon implant which can be placed under the breast tissue.

They are absolutely not palpable. They are absolutely safe for there are lot of misconceptions associated with the implant that is causes cancer: there are lot of studies done and it is clearly stated that silicon implant does not increase the chance of breast cancer.
Secondly there is no chance of leakage as implant nowadays and double lumen and cohesive gel which does not leak.
Scars: the scars are placed in such a way and is nearly not visble. They are placed under the breast, subareolar and in axilla
Fat augmentation- in this what we do is take out the fat from abdomen and thigh and then concentrate it and then injected into the breast by a special needle. It leaves no scar. It increases to one cup size and sometimes require second sitting.