Male Breast Or Gynaecologist

Male breast or gynaecomastia is a very common problem in the society. These patient are young individuals. They are afraid to go to gym, swimming , or wear tight clothes and most of them keep their shoulder dropped down. They are intelligent but because of their problem are shy and slowly loosing their confident. The parents don’t understand and these patient feel shy to tell them. They keep on suffering in them-self and get depressed.
Only solution is that they should speak to their parents and convince them to speak to the plastic surgeon.
Dr S S Gambhir who is renowned cosmetic & plastic surgeon explains that the problem is most of the time developmental and should have gone by the time patient reaches 17 to 18 yrs of age but in certain individual it persist and requires treatment.
The procedure to correct gynaecologist is very simple it requires liposuction for fat removal and for gland excision of gland is done through a very small incision in areola and in the end there is nearly no visible scar