Facial Fractures

Facial fractures, caused due to accidents, fall, assaults or even gunshots injuries and wounds, are carefully examined and treated at Persona Clinic. Medical professionals and radiologists at Persona Clinic possess more than years experience and high qualification degree from reputed institute. Further, they are specialized in treating such cases with precision.

Persona Facial Fracture Examination

Facial fracture or other orthopedic fracture is examined with immense care through digital radiography machines. X-ray and CT scan machines as engaged by us are based on smart technology.
Every minor and/or major facial fracture is diagnosed easily and quickly.

Persona Facial Fracture Repair

In case of major dislocation, POP plaster is a mandatory treatment. The plaster is removed upon prognosis of the doctors as decided upon size and area of fracture.
However, for drastic deformations, like that of orbital (eye-socket) deformation we appoint highly experienced orthopedic surgeons to pass the surgery to fix it.
We are a certified clinic for fractures repair and we are specialized in treating –

  • Mandibular Fracture – Jawline fracture
  • Maxillary Fracture – Midface fracture
  • Nasal Fracture – Nose fracture
  • Zygomatic Fracture – Cheekbone fracture
  • Orbital Fracture – Eye – socket fracture and others

Why Persona?

We follow step-wise procedure for treatment. Every tests – X-ray, CT scan (if required), and diagnostic tests are conducted under guidance of senior supervisor. Each report is being discussed specifically among the team of orthopedic consultants and surgeons.

  • We offer both non-surgical and surgical procedure for curing the deformations.
  • Prognosis, as drawn by our doctors and surgeons, are always accurate for recovery.
  • We offer tall facilities for emergency arrivals and emergency tests are conducted at priority based.

Fees & Charges

We provide premium quality facilities and services for which fees and charges are still cost-to-pocket.