Breast Reduction Surgery Delhi to Bring Down Bust Size

Bringing an end to the problem with large and pendulous breasts, via Breast Reduction Surgery in New Delhi, is tranquil. Clinically referred as reduction mammoplasty is the procedure to reduce breasts size and volume increased due to fatigue or what so other reasons. Best Plastic Surgeon in India – Dr. S.S. Gambhir has the skill and experience of 12 years in the field to bestow you your desired breast size.

To bring down the size of breast had been a next to impossible task for years. Thanks to Dr. Gambhir who availed the Breast Reduction Surgery in New Delhi with best results.

Breast Reduction Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Breast reduction surgery in delhi procedure involves removal of excess fat, breast tissue and skin from the lower portion of the breast and the other required areas. Besides, liposuction is employed along with the breast reduction surgery. Sometimes, liposuction can alone do the job when fatty tissues and excess skin isn’t a problem with the breasts. The procedure takes 3-4 hours of general time and the patient is relieved to go home the very day. Breast reduction surgery in Delhi process takes place under general anesthetic treatment; however, local anesthesia is preferred for smaller breast reduction treatment.
Anesthesia: The procedure is done in the general anesthesia.
Post surgery care: The patient is advised to wear the sports brassiere or pressure garment for 3 weeks. The patient is advised to abstain from heavy exercise for 4 weeks and all physical activity.

The Result for Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery in delhi
Breast reduction surgery in delhi