Hand Surgery

Persona Clinic arranges Hand Surgery for both men and women for any problem related to hand – injuries, wounds, deformation etc. Our surgeons and specialists are trained in curing by-birth defects (congenital limb differences), nerve and tendon injuries, arthritis and other issues.

Hand is Important

Hand is equally, in fact, more important human body part. Defective hand will certainly, prohibit you from carrying out your daily routine and office tasks as well.
Your hand is gifted and it should be preserved with its beauty and perfection. We will help you regain your original structure with help of hand surgery and other processes.

About Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery is conducted in case of structural deformation in any part of hand – palm, wrist and forehand. Hand specialists are trained and experienced to diagnose the ailment and drawing the cure.
The same is also conducted in case the injuries and wounds on hand, forearm, elbow and arm are highly invasive for it to be removed or healed.

Persona Hand Surgery

Persona Hand Surgery takes in the consultation of highly qualified and veteran hand specialists and orthopedic surgeons. Each step and diagnostic tests are conducted with precision using smart machines for X-ray and CT scan.
We are expert in healing the problems like –

  • Trigger finger
  • Hand, wrist, arm fractures
  • Sports injuries
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Tennis elbow and other deformations.

Our medical specialists and surgeons possess comprehensive knowledge of the ailment where surgery is mandatory – or else, the problem can be treated with medications, injections, splints and therapies.