Labia Reduction

You may decide upon the size of the labia you want to have post the procedure. However, do not overlook the function of labia minora. This body part protects the vagina while spreading of the thighs. Thus, always avoid over-correction. Surgeons take care to leave a protective rim of the labia, which is covered with the greater lip.
The procedure involves reducing the size of the inner lips in vulva so as to make them more symmetrical. The procedure is usually opted for aesthetic purposes but sometimes also suggested to lessen the pain while intercourse, sport activities or cycling. Surgeries performed sometimes to correct abnormalities including asymmetry, scarring or severe overgrowth. Our procedures focus more upon the aesthetics of the labia minora. The procedure leaves behind minimal scarring that are not visible normally or only to the trained eyes. Sensitivity experienced in the area is not interfered with normally: dysfunctional vaginal experiences due to psychological or relational aspects can neither be treated nor caused by surgery.


  • Reduction of Labia: Most of the clients are satisfied and happy after the procedure involving simply removing of the extra labia.
  • Lipoplasty: It is a complicated operation that includes removal of more of the internal skin while preserving some of the outer dark brown skin.
  • Reduction of Clitoral hood: If wished so, the redundant skin bulging out in the clitoral area may be removed with a surgical procedure.

Clitoral surgeries are the performed only for the sole benefit and desire of the patient.

After Care

Most patients do not experience any discomfort after the surgery and feel fine. However, some of the commonly experienced complication is bleeding within a few hours just after the surgery. Therefore, patients are advised to stay in the clinic or within close vicinity of the clinic for a minimum of four hours after the surgery.
Wearing of panty liner is recommended after the procedure. Daily bath or gentle shower is helpful towards quick healing of the wound. The sutures dissolve soon after the surgery and do not require physical removal. Patients can resume her normal activities after a period of two weeks if the procedure was for labia reduction while a rest period of four weeks is recommended for labioplasty procedures.