Best Thigh Lift Surgeon Delhi

Following weight loss and sometimes in aging person the skin of the thigh sags and folds are presents, this skin looks very bad and rub with each other while walking and also infection occur under the folds.

Inner Thigh Lift Surgery Procedure

Inner Thigh Lift Surgery Procedure. This involves mainly to lift and remove the excess skin with medial part of the thigh and not the outer and anterior part which is done by abdominal lift. There are two procedure:

Simple thigh lift
In this loose skin is only in the upper part of the thigh and final scar line is placed in the groin area

Extended Thigh Lift
If the loose skin is extended up to the knees then the linear line is placed in the thigh on meial side. These procedure can be combined with liposuction


I prefer giving general anesthesia. The procedure time is about 2 hrs.

Post Operative Care – Inner Thigh Lift

Patient is required to stay in the hospital for 1 to 2 days. The procedure is slightly painful post operatively and pain killers are advised for at least 5 days.


Mainly the swelling, numbness, scarring, infection and bleeding is the problem for which adequate care is taken. There are chances of seroma for which proper care is taken.