Gynaecomastia/Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Male enlargement of breast is a very common problem. The patient is ashamed to wear tight clothing or change in public places because of the chest enlargement. The enlargement starts in adolescent age group due to some hormonal imbalance but once it has occurred then only solution is surgical.


There are different grade of gynaecomastia
Grade I – small enlargement of chest glandular/fat
Grade II– moderate enlargement of chest more fat then glandular
Grade III– severe enlargement with Ptosis(Female like breast)with excess loose skin
Grade IIIA– seen in severe weight loss patient- Post Bariatric


Depending on the grade the procedure is decided. The patient require liposuction for removal of fat and for glandular tissue excision of the gland is required. The excess loose skin drapes in due course of time .We are doing radiofrequency liposuction also so that the skin tightens firmly.

Post Surgery Protocol

  • The patient is discharged the same day.
  • The patient can resume all the normal activity after 48 hours.
  • Excercises are to be avoided for 4 weeks.
  • Pressure garment needs to be worn for 4 weeks.


As in any surgery the complication risk is of infection, bleeding, bruising, temporary numbness over the nipple area for which due precaution is taken during the procedure.

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