Buttock Lifts & Enhancements – Delhi

The “Brazilian Butt” Lift is a buttock augmentation procedure which adds fullness to almost any shape buttock to create the desired look. The results are youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile.

Buttock Lift Technique

Dr. Gambhir, through liposuction, removes fat from selected areas of your body, purifies the fat, and then injects the fat cells into your buttocks. The procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of your buttocks so that the butt appears lifted and perky. There are no implants used in the Brazilian Butt Lift. An additional benefit of the Brazilian Butt Lift is that you not only get a shapelier buttock, but the liposuction areas are now much leaner as well.

Butt Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Gambhir first contours the buttock area by performing liposuction using very small cannulas so as to obtain and protect as many living fat cells as possible. Since this procedure uses your own body’s fat, you must have enough “extra fat”. In order to obtain enough qualified fat, Dr. Gambhir must liposuction at least two areas of your body. Common areas to liposuction include the back- directly above the butt, the stomach, and the thighs.
After liposuction, Dr. Gambhir purifies the fat so that only the best fat cells will be injected back into your buttocks for augmentation. He injects tiny droplets of purified fat into hundreds of different areas and depths of your buttocks. The fat cells will then be able to receive adequate blood supply so that they can survive once inside the buttocks tissue. This technique results in the highest “non-absorption” rate of the fat and is the best way to achieve a permanent result. It also gives a very natural shape and feel to the buttocks.
Once the fat cells have been injected and begin to receive blood supply, these fat cells remain for life. At about a month after surgery, the improvement you see will be long term.

Post to Butts Lift

Following the Brazilian Butt Lift, you must not sit directly on your buttocks for two weeks. You must also wear a special garment (to control swelling) for two weeks. Most people can return to work after the initial 2 weeks, provided you do only a minimum amount of sitting. There may be a small amount of swelling for up to 6 weeks. However, you should be able to resume all normal activities in about 4 weeks.
As soon as the swelling is down, you will have normal sensation in your buttocks. And since the entire procedure was performed using your own living tissue, your Brazilian Buttock Lift will look and feel completely natural.
According to the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), the butt lift procedure is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure, as the number of butt lifts performed grew by 49% in 2005, compared to 2004.

Why Buttock Lift?

People come to plastic surgeon for many reasons. Sometimes they have lost weight and their buttocks have sagged. Sometimes they were born that way and they just can’t improve the looks of their buttocks through exercise. Some come because they have noticed considerable flabby and loose skin on their buttocks as they have aged.
A buttock lift at our center can help men and women look more attractive and feel more comfortable. Just think how nice it would be to have the confidence to wear the types of clothing and swim wear you’ve avoided for so long because you were self-conscience about your buttocks. By tightening and toning that excess skin in your buttocks you’d feel more comfortable walking, exercising and conducting your everyday activities.
You’ve tried diets. You’ve tried exercise. You just can’t seem to do anything to improve the appearance of your buttocks. Now you can. Now is the time to take the first step towards obtaining more attractive buttocks.

How it Happen?

A buttock lift involves plastic surgeon making incisions around the area that is going to be lifted. These are usually across the top of the buttocks at the belt line, along the sides of the buttocks following their natural shape and below the buttocks. The exact placement of the incisions will be carefully decided by your plastic surgeon before your surgery and he or she will make them in areas that your clothing will cover the resulting scars.
Through the incisions, the buttock will be tighten and reshape the loose skin, and in some cases remove excess skin tissue and fatty deposits creating a smoother, more contoured buttock shape. Sometimes, a buttock lift is combined with other procedures that may include a thigh lift or tummy tuck. In some cases, liposuction is also performed in the area of the buttock lift.
A buttock lift usually takes about two to three hours to complete, but may take more time depending on the extent of the surgery. In most cases the surgery will be performed under general anesthesia and you will be able to return home several hours afterwards.


Immediately following your buttock lift surgery at our center you will wear an elastic girdle-type garment that will help support your buttocks. You may also experience some mild to moderate pain or discomfort, which can be controlled by medications your plastic surgeon can prescribe for you. You may notice swelling and there may be quite a bit of bruising. In most cases these will disappear within three to four weeks after your surgery. You will be advised you to avoid strenuous activities for approximately about six weeks. Most patients return to work within two to three weeks. Remember, each person heals at a different rate, You will also be scheduled for several follow-up visits to your plastic surgeon during your recuperation period.

Potential Risks and Complications

A buttock lift is a relatively safe procedure with few complications. However, as with all surgeries, there is the rare chance of an infection developing or an adverse reaction to anesthesia. These can be controlled by medications, and they don’t occur frequently. In some cases, patients who undergo a buttock lift may also experience some numbness or tightness that usually will disappear naturally over the recuperation period.

Common Questions About Buttock Lifts

1. Will there be visible scars after my buttock lift surgery?
Scarring is inevitable with buttock lift surgery; it is the skill and talent to make these scars as unnoticeable as possible. He or she will make incisions in areas that will be covered by your clothing and that will be concealed within the natural folds and creases of your skin. You’ll know before your surgery where the incisions and resulting scars will be, and you can discuss this with your plastic surgeon.
Over time, scars will continue to fade and eventually they will be far less noticeable, however, they will never completely disappear.
2. Does insurance cover the cost of a buttock lift?
In most instances, buttock lift surgery is considered elective and insurance will not cover it. However, it is recommended that you discuss this with your insurance provider and with your plastic surgeon.
3. Is it a very uncomfortable recuperation?
In most cases, during the first few days to a week following a buttock lift, patients may experience mild to moderate discomfort. This can be relieved with medication. There may also be some swelling or numbness that will usually disappear in a few weeks.
4. Will I be hospitalized?
Most buttock lifts are performed on an out-patient basis and you’ll be able to return home just a few hours after your surgery. In more complicated cases, or if more than one procedure is going to be performed, a brief hospital stay may be necessary.
5. How long will the results last?
The results of a buttock lift can last for years but it’s important to eat sensibly and exercise to help maintain your new, smoother, tighter and more attractive appearance.