Warts are viral infection caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). They appear as a
skin growth in form of small / large, rough. Warts are of three types:-

  • Common warts = These kind of warts may appear anywhere on the body But
    commonly appear around Nails, Hand, Beard area, Scalp.
    They are may be small to large in size, rough with no symptoms.
  • Planter Wart= They appear on soles and may be pain full due to pressure.
  • Plane wart= These Wart appear commonly over face or forehead minimal
    irritation or itching could be there.

Why you should go for a treatment?

You should go for a wart removal because it’s a viral infection and can be spread
anywhere on the body.

Who are at a risk of developing warts?

  • Person with weak immune system.
  • Children and adolescents.
  • Can get infection from other who have Warts.
  • Who have had organ implant treatment.
  • Pregnant lady.

What precautions you have to take?

  • Avoid shaving, combing over infected area.
  • Do not prick the warts.
  • Wash your hands after touching warts.
  • Keep your hand and feet dry to prevent it from infection and it could be
    spread due to moisture.

Treatment options at persona clinic?

It’s very important to go for a Wart removal.

  • Medication:-
    a) Small Warts can be removed by applying salicylic acid, lactic acid
    and TCA. It will work by peeling off the skin.
    b) For recurrent warts oral immune modulators can be given.
  • Surgery :-
    a) Large Warts can be excise and remove.
    b) Electrocautery and R F can be done. It will work by Removing the skin
    layer and ultimately burn the virus.
  • LASERS :-
    The Laser beams play beneficial role in plane warts. From cosmetic point
    of view it plays valuable role by lowering the risk of scars.
    CO2( carbondioxide ) Laser, NdYAG Laser is used for the Wart removal.